"I am interested in finding out if art can be super practical beyond the immediate visual or sensory experience. Can art literally improve my life on an inter-personal level?" - Stuart Ringholt Stuart Ringholt's interdisciplinary art practice is resolutely concerned with his social environment - with the state of consciousness, with the nature of perception, with interpersonal interaction and the tensions between individualism and community wellbeing. Whether conducting workshops that probe the participants' emotional hang-ups, creating interactive sculptures, or documenting his own forays into public performance, Ringholt's socially-minded art references both his own and his audience's physical presence, and, by association, their lived experience. His paintings, sculptures, installations and performances directly engage the general public on neutral terrain - in suburban streets, parks, supermarkets and train stations. It is in these democratic spaces that the distinctions between art and life blur, and new possibilities for living transpire. Ulanda Blair
Stuart Ringholt lives and works in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely, both around Australia and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Recent Work, Kurb Gallery, Perth 2003 and Yoga Art, Galerie Dusseldorf, Perth 2001. Recent Group exhibitions include look ? grenzen der sichtbarkeit, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, Switzerland 2003; Flux: uncertain states: New Art froom Western Australia, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth 2003; and ART02: The West Australian Art Fair, Perth 2003. Ringholt has also undertaken numerous performances and projects includingEmbarrassed, 9 Performances in Basel, Firenze, Melbourne and Perth 2001-2003; Fire Extinguisher, 3 performances Striling Train Station and Kurb Gallery, Perth 2003 and Hedge, Montalto Avenue, Toorak, Melbourne 2003. In 2003, Ringholt undertook a residency in Basel, Switzerland.
Stuart Ringholt is represented by Anna Schwartz gallery, Melbourne and Sydney