Conceptual photography and sculptural interventions form odd juxtapositions, bringing together psychological and material concerns in Mestrom’s work: a solid medium appears languid, like a sagging or slumped person leaning against a wall in the slouch toward Nirvana; gum spat on the pavement becomes the inverted constellation of a private universe; the edge is a vertical line in space or a series of vertical lines tearing into a page; a point is a physical co-ordinate + a good place for an argument; horizontal gravity pulls her along, slowly.

Recent solo and group projects include: The Nothing – West Space, Melbourne; Things Fall Down. Sometimes We Look Up – Chalk Horse, Sydney; A History of Space is the History of Wars – Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, NZ; Take away a man's name and what is left? – TCB Inc., Melbourne; Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (with Kate Newby), Munster, Germany; What keeps us this side of that dark line? – Counter Point Project Space, Melbourne.

Born ’79. Lived – the Netherlands // New Zealand // Australia. Programming committee member – West Space. RMIT University - PhD (Fine Art) ’08 (with APA). Arts Victoria grants - ’07, ’09. For more details -