Reko Rennie is a Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay/Gummaroi man, born in Melbourne, Australia. Through his art, Rennie explores what it means to be an urban Aboriginal in contemporary Australian society. Rennie received no formal artistic training but as a teenager discovered graffiti, which would become an all-consuming passion. He quickly began producing original art on the streets of Melbourne. Subsequently Rennie has matured into an interrogative and highly innovative artist. His art and installations continually explore issues of identity, race, law and justice, land rights, stolen generations and other issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in contemporary society. Drawing inspiration from his Aboriginal heritage, the artist recreates traditional images in a contemporary context using neon, projection, installation and spray paint. His work often features the characteristic flora and fauna imagery that represent his community.

Reko has shown internationally including Paris, Jakarta, Shanghai and USA. Recent highlights include: a solo exhibition at SCOPE Art Fair, New York 2012, a 35- metre commissioned work by the Washington DC Arts and Humanities and a two-year public artwork, Neon Natives as part of the 2011 Melbourne Laneway Commission.