b. 1979, Adelaide; lives and works in Melbourne

Petherick’s work spans a variety of mediums (sculpture, assemblage, collage, drawing, video, audio) that regularly take the form of installations in the gallery space. These constellations, oft-times taking on investigations of seriality and mimesis, are concerned with a critical abstraction that arises through systems of manifold (manual and mechanical) production and translation, from one material or context to the next. The tracking and tracing of the process and parergon that surrounds or supports the artwork becomes central to the work itself and the riddles it engenders. Through this, Petherick pursues a methodology of production and display that reflects on the state of the image or object as an endless performative sequence of adjustments, connections and possibilities, collapsing divisions between the three dimensionality of sculpture, the two dimensional pictorial space and the dimensionless of sound and data into an expanded field of making that exists between the material and immaterial.

Recent presentations include: Nachinat-Glazz-Smot-Messel-Vareet-Dorogoy, 2012, The Common Guild (for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012), Glasgow; Saratogian Bedding (solo), 2011, Croy Nielsen, Berlin; Social Sculpture, 2011, curated by Charlotte Day, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney; Simultaneous Solitudes (solo), 2011, Y3K Gallery, Melbourne; ACCA ART#2, 2011, curated by Hannah Mathews and Juliana Engberg, Horsham Art Gallery, Australia; with forthcoming solo presentations at Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland and Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

Joshua Petherick is represented by Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland and Croy Nielsen, Berlin.