Ann Debono is a painter living and working in Melbourne. She graduated from VCA Honours in Fine Art in 2015.


Ann's paintings attempt to image imaging. She uses her own photographs and found images as sources for her collage-like paintings. In her work, the tangible, present, 'real' world is always opening upon a spectral field of absence: the past and the future. For the artist, the material world, touched and seen, is a palimpsest of temporalities that are all showing through one another. Her paintings pose questions like: Can the eye be said to be in contact with the objects it apprehends in the same way that the hand can contact? And which sort of contact with the world does the referring of imaging imitate?


Ann recently completed a residency at The British School at Rome as the inaugural recipient of the Cranbourne Fellowship. Ann's solo presentations include Awled, Sutton Projects, Melbourne, 2017; Dehiscence, KINGS ARI, Melbourne, 2016; Upaithric, CAVES Gallery, Melbourne, 2015. Ann is represented by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.