Knowingly pointless yet highly ritualised, my practice utilizes craft and naïve decoration to reflect and refract personal experiences of reality. Raw sexuality and death are thinly veiled by artifice, a seamless surface where the interplay of ornamental and sentimental motifs creates a distraction. I want to imbue all I make with longing: for meaning, for a purpose, or simply for pleasure. Desire centres on the unattainable: a utopian ideal, something lost, or else something forbidden. Laden with personal and universal totems the work is a private language unto itself, enacted through a fragmented, fluctuating set of systems, signs and codes. 

Melbourne artist Paul Yore studied painting at Monash University. Yore has exhibited in several solo and group shows in public galleries and artist run spaces including Heide Museum of Modern Art, Federation Square, Gertrude Contemporary, Glen Ira City Council Gallery, BLINDSIDE ARI, Incinerator Arts Complex, Seventh Gallery, Westspace, Kings ARI and Trocadero Art Space as well as featuring in Gertrude Contemporaries Melbourne Art Fair Project Room in 2012.