Bianca Hester generates installations which deal with the production of site/situation in terms of process and event; writes on the practices of others; produces independent publications; is a founding member of CLUBSproject inc; has worked with the collaborative group OSW since 2003 (with Scott Mitchell, Terri Bird + Natasha Johns-Messenger); teaches sculpture at VCA; and is a member of the art-music collective Paeces (with Christopher Hill, Sean Bailey + Joshua Petherick). Her practice is a site for an engagement with: materiality and its relationship to the production of context and sociability, multiplicity, excess, the production of the local, issues of sustainability, the question of how practice can be made public in multiple formations, collaborativity, and the tension and productive relation between the notion of the individual and the collective (in both a material and social sense.) Bianca Hester 

completed a bachelor of art in Sculpture (honours) at RMIT in 1999, and is currently completing a phD at RMIT. Recent projects include project projects, open and hosted 19/05/06 - 14/06/06, RMIT project space; active air (with OSW) Ocular Lab, 2005; groundings with OSW (Melbourne Prize) Federation Square, 2005; things full of people, publication contribution to Situation in the context of Lisa Kelly’s project, MCA Sydney 2005; corner to corner and stretching…(included within the molecular history of everything) ACCA, Melbourne, 2005; corner to corner and stretching: pagework for SLAVE 3 magazine (issue 3) Melbourne/Paris 2005; collected collection dispersed; collection summer ’04 – ’05, SLAVE 3 VCA Gallery, Melbourne, 2005; bookcover commission for the Deleuze and Gauttari Dictionary edited by Dr Adrian Parr, Savannah USA 2005; Consandine, Fulton, Geikie, Hester, Huang, curated by Katherine Huang, MIR11, Melbourne, 2004; multipleMISCELLANEOUSalliances, CLUBSproject inc, 2004; Resistance Through Rituals, co-ordinated by Lisa Kelly, Westspace, Melbourne, 2004; There’s a Hole in The Bucket, curated by Spiros Panigirakis, CLUBSproject inc, Melbourne, 2004; The Manifesto Show, co-ordinated by Bridget Currie, DOWNTOWN project space, Adelaide, 2004; one thing another thing some things other, other things stagger +…..CLUBSproject inc, 2003; CLUBStennis with OSW, CLUBSproject Inc, 2003; of events into tiny chunks (an occasion of relaocation) (for In The Making) curated by Liza Vasiliou, MUMA Gippsland, 2004; intensive objects indeterminate events, Westspace, Melbourne, 2002.